Heavy Duty Aftermarket PTO Clutch Compatible with Warner 5228-26, John Deere TCA20605 TCA21166



Compatible with 5228-26 Warner, TCA20605 TCA2166 John Deere, X0393 Xtreme.

  • High Quality Heavy Duty Aftermarket PTO Clutch with 1 YR Warranty
  • Low/High temperature bearings, stainless steel rivets for increased longevity
  • One piece machined pulley, stronger, quieter, reduced slippage, increased belt life
  • 6.36″ OD Pulley 1.125″ ID, CCW Direction, 200 Ft Lbs

To ensure this part goes with your John Deere you should go by the part number on your original PTO Clutch or by the model number, which is on the side of the tractor. They will also be printed on an ID tag located below the operator’s seat or on the back of the lower frame between the rear wheels. The serial number (PIN) is 13 or 17 digits long.

If you are unsure if the part you plan on ordering is correct, please contact us and we will gladly search by the model number info.

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