Genuine Poulan Weedeater Part # 530035560, Carburetor Adjusting Tool

Genuine Poulan Weedeater Part # 530035560, Carburetor Adjusting Tool
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Genuine Poulan Weedeater Part # 530035560, Carburetor Adjusting Tool


530035560 AMC

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This is the special tool needed to adjust the carburetor fuel mixture and idle adjusting screws on newer Poulan 2-cycle engines.

  • Special Carb Adjusting Tool for newer Poulan 2 cycle engines.

Product Details:
Package Length: 6.0 inches
Package Width: 0.9 inches
Package Height: 0.3 inches
Package Weight: 0.02 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 1535 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 1535 customer reviews )
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5Review of reviews  Jan 30, 2012
By K. L. Mcclintock
Tool works fine. But I notice another reviewer posted a 368 word review explaining why power equipment should be adjusted by 'authorized' service professionals. I took my Poulan/Craftsman chainsaw (for which I bought this tool in the first place) to an 'authorized' service professional, and he said to throw the Chinese-made saw away and buy a Husqy. Apparently he didn't realize that all the parts on a Husqy are now made in China too. So I came to Amazon and bought this (US-made) tool to solve my problem--which it has. I'm getting really tired of stupid people offering stupid opinions based on stupid beliefs. I can't believe someone would criticize us for adjusting a chainsaw carburetor for optimal performance. What an idiot--both of them. This tool works fine, and so does my chainsaw--which gets used a TOTAL of 15 minutes a year AT MOST. End of review.

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4A planned obsolesence item.  Jun 27, 2010
By Don72764
Poulan knows that if you can't adjust the carb screws, you will probably just buy a new weedeater or blower every couple of years because the one you have will no longer run . I just use my Dremmel to grind slots in the top of the screws so I can adjust with a normal screwdriver. Planned obsolescence is a real nuisance. Poulan will probably claim that some EPA rule is involved requiring adjustment only by a "certified" technician.

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5Screw the EPA Weed Wacker Police  Mar 18, 2012
By JackAssOfAllTrades
I'm sure that some day in the future were going to have weedwacker and lawnmower police riding around in a behemoth deisel pickup truck filled with 10,000lbs of illegal lawn mowers and weed wackers busting people for polluting to much. In the mean time, if you want to keep your personal $100 craftsman/poulan/homelite/ryobi weed wacker running good, this tool is 100% essential for adjusting the carburator. It even works well on the models that have the EPA adjustment limiting caps (just rip the caps off with a pair of long nose plyers and use this tool to adjust past the limits) When the guy at the ECHO/STIHL dealer trys to tell you that your $100 weed wacker is not worth adjusting/repairing, look out in the parking lot and tell him his $16,000 Cobalt or Soul is not worth fixing either. This is a must own tool... OWN LOTS OF TOOLS! FIX LOTS OF THINGS! I've had the same weedwacker for 10+ years while my neighbor buys a new one every two years... there is nothing enviornmentally friendly about throwing a way 5 perfectly good weedwackers that need adjusted with this tool (I know cause I take them out of the neighbors trash can and use this tool to adjust them and then sell them for $50 to some one else)

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4Just Fine  Nov 16, 2008
By Badmechanic
I got my tool on time as per what they said. Tool seems not of professional grade at all, but more like a value tool, however it does get the job done.
Also, I had a very hard time finding this tool. I called Poulan and they said you had to be certified and they didn't really wanna talk about it almost as if it didn't exist at all.

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5Poulan Wedeater Part # 5300355560  Jun 28, 2010
By obell234
The store where I purchased the Poulan Weedeater would NOT sell the carb. adjustment tool! The new machine would not idle. If you need to adjust your weedeater, this tool is a must have. It cannot be done w/a screw driver. I again, thank Amazon for their speedy service!

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